World’s Greatest Internet Provider

It’s not every day that you get a phone call letting you know your company is in the running to be featured on a television show called World’s Greatest. That’s a call most people would want to take, and at CTTC, when we received the call we definitely wanted to know more.  


About World’s Greatest

World’s Greatest is a national television show in its 15th season that takes viewers on a fast-paced tour looking at different industries, and topics from amazing companies, big and small from all over the world. When we set up our first interview, we were notified that we were among 80 telecommunications companies being considered for the show.

The Interview Process

In our initial interview, we were asked what sets us apart from other telecommunications companies, and our General Manager, Jamey Wigley, who has been with CTTC for over 30 years hit the nail on the head talking about our history starting as a landline telephone company, and evolving into a high-speed fiber internet provider. We have a long, unique history and a connection to our communities that big telecommunications companies just can’t replicate. After the initial interview, the World’s Greatest team worked with our Marketing Manager, Amanda Wood, to set up a follow up interview for the top 10 finalists, and after that interview, all we could do was wait. 

Humbled and Honored to Be Selected

It was pretty exciting to receive the call that we had been chosen to be featured on the show. We know there are a lot of great companies out there doing what we do around the country, but we were honored and humbled by the selection and we began the process of coordinating logistics for the filming of the show! We knew there would be some challenges to bringing it all together, but we had no idea what it would take to make it all happen!  

Not The Easiest Time to Film a TV Show

The World’s Greatest team is based out of Florida, and Amanda worked diligently to get things lined up for our filming. However, COVID-19 had other plans and as schedules got changed, and people got quarantined, it seemed like the show was never going to happen. Amanda was poised to be the on-screen spokesperson for the show, but her family had to quarantine due to COVID-19, and after all of her hard work to get everything ready, she was not able to be part of the day-of filming. We made the necessary adjustments and got everything in place to film the episode.

Smile, You’re On Camera Again

During COVID-19, our offices, and interactions with customers were always with a mask for safety precautions, but for the filming of our segment we thought it was important that we not have any evidence of masks in the footage so that it could not be tied to the pandemic. This required quite a bit of creativity to make all of the shots work, but after 8 straight hours of filming, the World’s Greatest team had what they needed, and once again we waited to see what the final results would look like. 


World’s Greatest Debut

On April 12, our episode debuted, and we were thrilled with the results. It took a lot of work, flexibility, and creativity to make it all happen, but we are so happy that World’s Greatest chose us and understood that for CTTC, history, customer service, and our connection to the community, are what make us the world’s greatest telecommunications company.