At CTTC, we take pride in our ability to innovate and overcome the challenges that we encounter. And, this year, we are proud to say that our dedicated employees have risen to the biggest challenge we’ve experienced in our 69 years as a company – COVID-19. 

CTTC provides telecommunications services to 5,000 Central Texas families, business owners, teachers, and individuals – not to mention, nine schools. And they’ve never needed us more than when COVID-19 brought our worlds inside. 



We’re in the business of keeping people connected and this has been a truly unique time for us. Though we’ve always known that our mission of providing reliable, high-speed internet and phone services is vital to the health of the rural communities that we serve, now nearly all of society’s daily interactions, services and connections are completely dependent on broadband capacity. 

Overnight, schools built digital learning classrooms. Business meetings moved to networking platforms like Skype and Zoom. Broadband usage soared along with demand across all streaming platforms. The first weeks of the pandemic brought surges for wireless and fiber technology. And we were ready to meet our customers’ demands right there on the frontline.




Almost immediately we upgraded our network to increase bandwidth for our customers. This increase allowed for uninterrupted school days, works days and monumental birthday Zoom parties. 


“Rural Texas is so blessed to have an internet provider like CTTC. In times like these when everyone is working from home, I am very thankful to everyone for making sure our service is up and working.” – Traci B., CTTC customer



We also added numerous hotspots throughout our 3,200 square mile service area. With this addition, everyone can stay connected, even folks without internet service in their homes.




Our dedicated employees are the heart and soul of our operation. Therefore, we made it our priority to protect their livelihoods. 

Roughly half of CTTC employees started working from home. Outfitted with our technology, operations were effective and efficient, running smoothly from the safety of their homes. This ensured that customer service – an area in which we continuously strive for excellence –  continues safely and without interruption. From tech support to operations and logistics to accounts payable, CTTC’s hard-working employees remain connected with our customers needing assistance. 

To continually accommodate customer needs, our Goldthwaite and San Saba offices converted to drive-thru windows to further protect our community while keeping them connected to the world. 



We implemented internal safety protocols to address current customer needs as we received requests for upgrades and repairs. These measures have been effective in keeping our customers and staff healthy during repairs that require in-person activity. 

As the world reopens, we will continue supporting our customers with the services they need – during COVID and beyond.