Our Lower Internet Rates Explained

By now we’ve all noticed the extra dollars tacked onto our grocery bills, but eggs aren’t the only prices that have increased. The 2022 September consumer price index – which measures changes in the cost of food, housing, gasoline, utilities, and other goods – rose by 8.2% over the past 12 months in August, nearly a 40-year-high.

Inflation hasn’t evaded the telecommunications industry either. Over time internet plans from AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast all increased in the form of higher monthly rates, additional “special fees,” more expensive equipment rentals, higher installation costs, and more. So why, at a time when nearly all major ISPs are charging more money, has CTTC decided to lower our rates? Simply because we value our customers above everything. CTTC’s number one goal has always been to provide the absolute best customer experience possible, no matter the cost. 

“By providing a superior fiber network, outstanding customer service and now even more affordable rates, we can ensure our customers are getting a top-notch full-service experience.”

Hundreds of Dollars in Savings

Maybe you think lower rates are too good to be true, that we must have only barely lowered prices and this is just a clever marketing tactic. Well, think again! With and without a landline, our internet plans lowered by $40-$50 each monthly. Over the course of one year, that totals to $480-$600 in savings! 

How to Make sure You’re Receiving These Lower Rates

So how can you make the switch to these lower prices? Easy! Changes were applied automatically to our customers’ bills, so you should have started seeing the discount as early as July 1st. 

You’ll also notice that we streamlined our data plans by eliminating the 4 mbps and 50 mbps options. Customers on those plans were automatically upgraded and are even paying less than before thanks to our lower rates. For example: Customers on the 50 mbps for $89.95 plan were upgraded to 100 mbps at $79.95. 

You can do a speed test at home to ensure you are getting the speed you are signed up to receive. Please don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service at 325-648-2237 with any questions regarding internet plans and billing. 

Committed to Service

The digital divide is an ongoing issue in rural America. Born and bred in Goldthwaite, we’ve personally experienced the lack of reliable connectivity in our small town. CTTC has strived to solve this issue in Central Texas since our founding in 1951. After over 70 years of service, it was time to reward our loyal customers, who at this point, feel more like family to us anyway. 

Our mission has never been about profit and will always be to provide access to affordable quality internet to our friends and neighbors in rural Central Texas. We are thrilled to offer lower internet rates and hopefully take a little weight off your shoulder in a time of record high inflation. 

Customers who would like to upgrade can do so by calling 800-535-8904 or come by the Goldthwaite or San Saba Office. CTTC also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program that provides a discounted rate to customers in need. Customers can find out if they qualify and can apply at