For almost 70 years, CTTC has been in the business of keeping people connected and it’s safe to say we’ve faced our share of challenges along the way. Through it all, our innovation and commitment to our customers drive our strategy. 

But COVID-19 brought us a very unique challenge. The pandemic brought our worlds – our businesses, schools and healthcare, and even birthday parties – to a computer screen or smartphone. Suddenly the luxury of fast, reliable connectivity became essential overnight. 

“As you might expect when you’re stuck inside, usage surged,” says CTTC General Manager, Jamey Wigley. “Folks needed to work, to learn, to entertain all from their homes.” 

“The network we built wasn’t planned for a pandemic like this, but it’s proven its worth over the past five months. A decade ago, we couldn’t have risen to this challenge.” 



Thanks to constant telecommunications innovation, CTTC has built a network of high-speed fiber internet that offers reliable service to rural Texas communities.

We’re proud to say that we have met our customers’ demands right here on the frontline. How? We’ve heavily invested in upgrades to revitalize and power our network with broadband fiber over the past few years. The network that we built was capable of immediate expansion. Almost immediately, we upgraded and increased bandwidth for our customers. This meant that we could provide service to whole families who needed constant online connection without crashing the system.

“Good connection has always been important to our customers. But now, fast, reliable connectivity is essential for empowering their lives, work and connections as safely as possible while COVID remains a threat.” – CTTC


“We had the customer in mind. Our goal was to allow for uninterrupted school days, works days and birthday Zoom parties, and entertainment. We were able to upgrade our school networks. We also put hot spots out in our rural areas, to ensure that students could get access even if their homes weren’t set up for it originally,” says Wigley. “CTTC also worked directly with essential businesses to offer tech solutions for quick, efficient curbside operations.” 

Several businesses in our communities needed to switch to curbside pickup offerings to increase safety for their employees and customers. Businesses like McMahan Pharmacy were provided with an additional number. From the safety of their car, customers could send a text to that number upon arrival. The text would appear as an alert on the pharmacy’s computers. Then a pharmacy worker would run the pickup out to the customer’s car.



With additional safety measures in place, we were able to keep our tech support and customer service teams safe (and employed). This guaranteed continuity of service for our customers. If there was a problem, we could fix it in real-time. 

We are excited about this opportunity to support a new, highly-connected chapter for our customers – one that gives them professional success while keeping families safe and healthy. During COVID and beyond, CTTC looks forward to serving our customers with excellence.

CTTC connected to the community and connecting you to endless possibilities.