About Us

Since 1951, Central Texas Telephone Cooperative, Inc. has been providing telephone service to rural central Texas starting with party-line telephones. Eventually, this technology became obsolete. When it did, we proactively reburied 3,200 square miles of cable to offer private line telephone service. We’ve transitioned from rotary phones to cordless and then to cellular. And, when the internet took the world online in the 90s, we built a DSL network. Today –  after a $100 million infrastructure investment – CTTC provides high-speed fiber internet and broadband service to numerous schools, hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents.

Our telecommunications cooperative is grounded in two things: our amazing employees and our commitment to evolution. Over the years, we have evolved with current technology to provide broadband, high-speed internet service to these customers as well. As we complete our serving upgrades (for now), our goal moving forward is to deepen our customer service, ensuring every customer interaction is exceptional.

As technology has changed, so has the look and feel of our company. But one thing will always stay the same. We will continue to provide our customers with the same great service you have trusted for over 65 years.

internet, broadband, phone and cellular service in Central Texas