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Southern States - Carolinas

Republic of Texas Records - Before 1846
Early Texas Statehood
Researching Your Ancestors

Authenticate your Family History by using a Professional who verifies data and finds missing ancestors.  

A Web search provides excellent sources for information about your family, an excellent  way to meet family members and exchange history, but still must be verified by reliable sources.  Many small town libraries and courthouses still retain records that will never be published on the Web. When you reach a "dead-end", or cannot travel to the site, it is time to turn to a Professional Researcher.

Shirley J. Shumate has been researching the Russell Family  and allied families for over 35 years. As Editor of the Russell Register from 1992 to 2001, she has collected data and researched Russell Families from all over the United States, traveling to the Carolinas, Missouri, Illinois, and all Southern States. An accredited Researcher and Genealogist, former Librarian, and Member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Shirley's specialty is early Texas History , Tennessee migrations, and the Colonial history of North & South Carolina. She owns an extensive Library of  Texana, as well as , Carolina, Missouri and Tennessee history. As co-author of "Muster Rolls of the Texas Revolution", she transcribed 1835-36 Muster Rolls of the Republic of Texas Army from original documents in the Texas State Archives. (Publication by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas) Shirley authored articles included in the "The Handbook of Texas", published by the Texas Historical Commission. This multi-volume set is now available online. She is currently writing a book about the  Russells who migrated to early Texas from the Carolinas, following the Tennessee and Missouri trails.

* Research is NOT limited to Russell and Allied Families, but includes ALL surnames.

* Research is NOT limited to the South or Texas.

* Shirley has an extensive background in computer online research as well as website applications and database programming.

 $200 minimum is required . The retainer is for the first 10 hours of research. This includes a thorough search of my extensive research library, online searches, census records and county records where available,  as well as  25 volumes of the Russell Register.    For  TRAVEL to nearby counties in Texas,  add $30 (one tank of gas). This includes a search of all available records found in the following Texas Counties -   BELL, BEXAR, BLANCO, BOSQUE, BROWN, BURNET, CALLAHAN, COLEMAN , COMANCHE, CONCHO, CORYELL, EASTLAND, GILLESPIE, KIMBLE, LAMPASSAS, LLANO, MASON, MENARD, McCULLOCH, MILLS, RUNNELS, SAN SABA, TAYLOR, TOM GREEN, TRAVIS, WILLIAMSON.  The Texas State Archives & Alamo Library will be searched on an hourly rate.  Hourly rate is $20.00 per hour (This rate will include any minimal expenses for photo or xerox copies, etc.  Larger jobs requiring many copies from Courthouses or Libraries are charged as actual expenses.  Many courthouses charge $1.00 per page.) 

At the end of the first ten hours of research, clients will be notified of all information discovered, and anticipated future data available, as well as estimated hours to obtain the indicated research. A written report is included in the client fee. (Submitted by e-mail )  If  TRAVEL outside this area is indicated, ADDITIONAL TRAVEL EXPENSES WILL BE ADDED TO RESEARCH CHARGES, and will be discussed before they are incurred. Client may purchase additional searches at $20.00 per hour, as needed. Visa and Master Card are accepted.

You may contact her by e-mail to obtain more information about fee based research. You will be contacted by if research will be possible.

Shirley J. Shumate- P. O. Box 207, Voca, Texas 76887